Holmes and Watson
Holmes and Watson

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Starring: Will Ferrell,John C. Reilly,Rebecca Hall,Ralph Fiennes,Rob Brydon,Hugh Laurie
Director: Etan Cohen
Movie Studio: Mosaic
Genre: Adventure
Other Genres: Comedy,Crime
Run Time: 89 Minutes
Release Date: 12/25/2018
Synopsis: Adventures of master detective Sherlock Holmes and Watson, his crime-solving partner.
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Showtimes for Holmes and Watson
South Hills Cinema 8
1895 South Rd. S. Hills Mall
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
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Sat, Jan 19 :  2:35 P 8:35 P
Sun, Jan 20 :  2:35 P 8:35 P
Mon, Jan 21 :  2:35 P 8:35 P
Tue, Jan 22 :  2:35 P 8:35 P

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Holmes and Watson

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