Kathanam (Telugu)
Kathanam (Telugu)

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Starring: Anasuya Bharadwaj, Srinivas Avasarala, Randhir, Vennela Kishore
Director: Rajesh Nadendla
Genre: Thriller
Other Genres: Mystery
Run Time: 117 Minutes
Release Date: 8/9/2019
Synopsis: A police officer investigating a series of mysterious celebrity deaths learns that these could be murders motivated by a renowned filmmaker`s story. As he explores the connection between the characters of the story and the deceased celebrity, he stumbles on a long-buried secret. Directed by Rajesh Nadendla, the film stars Anasuya Bharadwaj, Srinivas Avasarala, Randhir and Vennela Kishore in key roles.

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Kathanam (Telugu)

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