The Case for Christ
The Case for Christ

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Starring: Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, Robert Forster
Director: Jon Gunn
Movie Studio: Pure Flix Entertainment
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 112 Minutes
Release Date: 4/7/2017
Synopsis: Based on the true story of an award-winning investigative journalist -- and avowed atheist -- who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife... with unexpected, life-altering results.
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Showtimes for The Case for Christ
East Providence 10
60 Newport Ave.
East Providence, RI 02916
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Mon, May 22 :  12:45 P 3:15 P 6:30 P 9:00 P
Tue, May 23 :  12:45 P 3:15 P 6:30 P 9:00 P
Wed, May 24 :  12:45 P 3:15 P 6:30 P 9:00 P
Thu, May 25 :  12:45 P 3:15 P 6:30 P 9:00 P

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The Case for Christ

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